The Kiku design is a beautiful sculptural lightshade which can be used as a pendant lampshade or as a standing ornamental light. The cut out hole at the base of the shade gives easy access to change the light and provides a flat surface to stand the shade. 
The design is made of natural materials and can be bought assembled or as a kitset which requires home assembly. 

The design is currently available in one size but can easily be scaled up and tailored to specific shapes and needs. Please contact me if you would like a bespoke version of the design.

The shape is digitally designed using a scripted software which allows the iterative modelling. The original form is derived from a Deltoidal Hexecontahedron shape. 

Def store
lampshade in street

Product specifications:

380mm (15") overall diameter
115mm (4.5") diameter of base opening

220g (0.48lb) net weight
320g (0.70lb) weight (including basic light fitting)

main elements material - Made from New Zealand supplied Bamboo plywood (Sourced from FSC accredited factory) 

connectors material - stainless steel screws

supported via electrical chord fitting

supplied with basic chordset (black) 850mm long. fitting compatible with E27 type bulb, 120v or 220v-240v (bulb not provided)

shadow of shade
lampshade side light
detail of joint

Finishes specifications:

available in the following colours and materials:

-plain carbonized bamboo

-plain neutral bamboo

-Dot pattern transfer (plain or carbonized version available)

-Gordon Walters pattern transfer (plain or carbonized version available)

-White painted inside face (plain or carbonized version available)

natural veneer
carbonised veneer

neutral veneer

carbonized veneer

plain element
spot element
gordon walters element
white element

Plain element both sides

(carbonized veneer)

Dot Pattern on inside face, plain element to exterior

(carbonized veneer)

Gordon Walters Pattern on inside face, plain element to exterior (carbonized veneer)

White painted Pattern on inside face, plain element to exterior

(carbonized veneer)

Gordon Walters transfer
Spot transfer